Who We Are ...

We are an expert team of software developers, graphic designers, and advertisers. We also are strategic thinkers. We listen carefully to your ideas and goals with open minds and hearts, and then match that with years of accumulated, international experience! Above all, not only do we strive to stay current and dynamic, but we approach our work with passion and respect.

We work from Turkey and Europe, albeit independent of any one location. We stay abreast with what’s going in worlds of programming and digital marketing, and do everything in our power to use that to keep you one step ahead of the game. Our team members are well trained, globally groomed, and native German and English speakers, the lingua francas of science and commerce. 


Marketing & Managing Social media

Social media marketing is one form of digital advertising helps you get your brand out there and boost its credibility. SMM also measures how your customers react to your brand, draws you in new customers, and strengthens your bond with your current customers. It’s all about building ties!

Over 1 billion people use Facebook, 500 million use Twitter, and 200 million use LinkedIn. For a business to bypass such platforms is like hopping around on one leg. Thus, more and more companies are looking towards social media in order to tap into this massive potential client base. Keep in mind, driving this isn’t simply marketing one’s product either! Rather, social platforms serve a multitude of purposes: promoting your business, finding ou...